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The player controls Pac-Man in a maze and eats pac (pac-dots) dots. If the player finishes the pac dots, the Pac-Man will be taken to the new level. There are 4 opponents, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde roam freely in the maze trying to capture Pac-Man.

If captured, Pac-Man will lose his life. Near the four corners of the maze, there are 4 large and glowing circle dots called "power tablets", if Pac-Man can eat these dots, Pac-Man will have the ability to eat enemies in a short time.

Then the enemy will turn blue, slow down and flee from Pac-Man. When an enemy is eaten, their eyes will move back to the center rectangle and return to their original color. Enemies will glow white when preparing to return to their original dangerous form.

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